Retreat to the Riviera: Resorts in Chic Coastal Towns

The Riviera is known for its glamorous coastline dotted with chic coastal towns, and these resorts offer the perfect retreat to indulge in the region’s luxurious charm. From sun-soaked beaches to vibrant nightlife and exquisite cuisine, these resorts provide a delightful blend of relaxation and sophistication along the stunning French and Italian Rivieras.

  1. Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc – Antibes, France:

Nestled on the southern tip of Cap d’Antibes, Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc exudes timeless elegance. This legendary resort boasts luxurious accommodations, breathtaking Mediterranean views, and a private seawater pool carved into the rocks. Enjoy fine dining at their renowned restaurant, relax on their private beach, or unwind in the opulent spa.

  1. Belmond Hotel Splendido – Portofino, Italy:

Perched on a hillside overlooking the picturesque harbor of Portofino, Belmond Hotel Splendido offers a luxurious retreat. Surrounded by lush gardens, this refined hotel boasts charming rooms, a stunning swimming pool with magnificent sea views, and an acclaimed restaurant that serves delectable Italian cuisine.

  1. Hotel Negresco – Nice, France:

Located on the Promenade des Anglais, Hotel Negresco is a true symbol of French Riviera glamour. With its iconic pink dome, this elegant hotel captures the essence of Nice’s Belle Époque era. Admire the exquisite art collection, indulge in gourmet dining, and enjoy the sea views from the private beach.

  1. Eden Roc – Cap d’Antibes, France:

Situated on the prestigious Cap d’Antibes peninsula, Eden Roc combines elegance with natural beauty. Immerse yourself in luxurious accommodations, bask in the sun at the private beach club, and dine at their acclaimed restaurants overlooking the shimmering Mediterranean Sea.

  1. Excelsior Hotel Gallia, a Luxury Collection Hotel – Portofino, Italy:

Situated on the Italian Riviera, Excelsior Hotel Gallia overlooks the stunning Portofino Harbor. This lavish hotel offers sumptuous rooms, a rooftop pool with panoramic views, and world-class dining options. Stroll along the charming streets of Portofino or embark on a boat excursion to explore the idyllic coastal scenery.

  1. Hotel Martinez – Cannes, France:

Located on the famous Croisette, Hotel Martinez is a glamorous retreat in the heart of Cannes. Boasting Art Deco-inspired interiors, luxurious rooms, and a private beach, this legendary hotel offers a fashionable and sophisticated experience. Enjoy haute cuisine at their Michelin-starred restaurant or relax in their opulent spa.

These resorts in chic coastal towns along the Riviera invite you to indulge in the region’s beauty, sophistication, and joie de vivre. Whether you’re sunbathing on pristine beaches, exploring vibrant towns, or savoring exquisite cuisine, these retreats immerse you in the essence of the Riviera’s timeless allure.

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